Ever wondered, what is one of the most compelling emotions of all times? That emotion that can break the ice, open up conversations, can mend bonds. Hunger. And thinking of satiating your appetite, the answer comes down to food. And if you’re a foodie like me, here are some of the must-try cuisines across the world.


The word food in Thai means to ‘eat rice.’ Rice forms the major component of almost all Thai foods. The preparations of Thai dishes are so intricate that a single Thai recipe may take a page long preparation manual. The intricacy is evident in the delicacy as well. Each Thai recipe makes sure that sour lime, fish sauce, sugar, salt and chilly are an integral part of the mix. With influences from Chinese, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Thai has brought in the best of all these.

Tom yam Kung

it’s a delight to the mouth. The herbal finish of lemongrass, the galangal, the wonder of Kaffir leaves, and the burns of chilly makes it a must-try.

tom yam Kung

Pad-Thai- a fried rice noodles mix steamed in tofu, tamarind, and eggs.
Give it a try drink of Thai- When you’re bored with the conventional beer drinks, check out Sang Som, the indigenous rum of Thai people, made from sugarcane.


The ancient city of Greece is famous for its philosophy and ideals and its exquisite banquet. From soups to sweets, from hot delicacies to crisp morsels, are all part of the cuisine. You might argue what makes Greek food so special, don’t fret, it’s the olive oil that Zeus has bestowed on them.


looking out for some traditional stuff? Check this out. This dish can be seen all over the country, from amazing hotels to local shops and canteens. Small pieces of marinated pork, grilled out.


An egg or potato-based dish that you want to try. If you’re an invitee to a house party in Greece, put it on your priority list.

Greek salad

you don’t wanna mess up your night at the pub by ordering the ‘Greek salad.’ You might see people staring at you because in Greece it’s just called a salad.


If you’re a spicy guy, who wants to have a savour at all the spices in the world, you’d better be in India. When the taste of the food is the matter, and the number of spices is not a matter, you have it in India. Even the sweets in India get their singleness from those spices. Ranging from coconut crunch of Kerala to wazwan of Kashmir, India has been unique in its cuisine.

Greek salad

South Indian Dosa

it is a pancake made from rice that can be stuffed with anything from vegetables to ghee to meat. Name the kind of Dosa you want; you have it here.


For the coffee-lovers and cola addicts, here’s a local drink that you need to check out, the great Indian chai. With the blend of Assam tea leaves, you get a variety in chai as well. From masala tea to Sulaimani, the chai industry offers a wide range.

Tandoori- the marinated and roasted chicken, is a delight to the eyes and a mouth-watering experience for your taste buds. It’s again a must-try in the Indian cuisine.