Cafes are close to our hearts not merely for the history and grandeur it embraces but because of it an aperture through which we view the world. You observe ordinary people making visits between work or a hangout for friends. On holiday, it is an ideal choice: a space to luxuriate, amass ideas, recollect dear ones.

Themed cafés are not an ultra-modern concept, but along with the perks of a restaurant adds on an adrenaline rush, as it offers an assortment of diverse themes to select from. The origin of which can be traced back to 19th century Paris, while the contemporary wave was initiated by the opening of Hard Rock Café, London, in 1971.

Laundromat Café

Doing laundry is often the most tedious task. Bravo! No more, and the credit goes to Denmark’s Laundromat Café situated in Copenhagen. This café was started in 2004, with franchises established in Iceland. You can now luxuriate while you sup your favourite latte, you can even catch up on your beauty sleep. An effortless yet a brilliant concept – offering an aesthetic escape from the errands of our quotidian life.

Laundromat Café

Vampire Café

If Dracula were to pay homage to this spooky café, he would feel euphoric! The restaurant run by Diamond dining has done justice to the theme. You would not be able to spot your food because of the dim lighting that adds to the eeriness with bloody red everywhere, including your food. Even the toilets have a Halloween makeover with bloodstains all over. Make sure to visit the café with a cross, holy water, or rosary if there exists that bloodthirsty vampire!

Cabbages and Condoms

To promote birth control and safe sex practices in Thailand, the café was formed. The founders established this cafe with the vision that birth control should be easily accessible. This café has a seating capacity of over 400 customers, and the walls are highlighted with dotted condoms. The bill here arrives, not with mint, but with condoms for free! The ultimatum being the slogan on the menu painted with “Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.”

Cabbages and Condoms

Modern Toilet

A bizarre restaurant in Taiwan can indulge in eating a beef noodle out of a lavatory shaped bowl. It might seem a little eccentric at first, and would not be desirable if you feel nauseous. The food is appetizing, the staff is amiable, and you get to say you have eaten soup out of a toilet bowl! What a lovely experience!

Safe House

A secret agent themed-restaurant that goes outlandish with their theme. There are secret doors, and walls that shift. You can only enter after you tell the password, or you got to pass a clearance test to prove that you are not a spy.