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The best bistro food recipes, from mussels with caramelized fennel and leeks to the classic strip steak frites with bearnaise butter.

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We are a quick meal bistro to provide you with food on the go. Enjoy our variety of meals and snacks every day to satisfy your tastebuds. Delicious bread and Swedish cheese is always getting baked to keep the aroma alive.

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Enjoy dining with your family and friends at our sweet and warm dining area.

Fresh Ingredients

Get only the freshest organic vegetables and meat at your plate prepared by our finest chefs.

Daily Menus

Enjoy great combos and meals at the best prices without compromising on taste.


Quality Healthy Food Options

Switch to a healthier diet with our well-planned menu. We serve you as many greens as possible with the deliciousness of meat of your choice.


Favourite Foods


Enjoy an energetic plate of brunch to keep yours from getting hungry for the rest of the day.


Enjoy our fresh organic salads with various oils and sauces to keep the tang in the meat and vegetables.


Complete your meal with a delicious bite of pastry and other sweet bakery items or pack some for your office.


Delicious Dishes

Swedish Meatball Plate

Juicy meatballs served with hot sauces and a fresh green salad for the perfect chomp and crunch.

Shrimp Sandwich

Try out our special shrimp sandwich and become our regular customer for this irresistible saucy bite.

Braised Pork Shank

Order our chef’s special pork shank marinated and cooked in low flame for perfection.

Few words


Harry Colbert

What a delicious brunch that I have had after a long time. I would like to mention that the salad and meat proportion was a bit odd, but I guess that is for keeping me healthy. I loved it anyway till the last bite.

Karen Ward

This is currently my favourite restaurant to dine at. The service is amazing, and I am getting to know the staff as I keep coming in every day. It is a quiet and bright environment to make me feel comfortable and relaxed.


Latest News

Best Themed Café’s in the World

Best Themed Café’s in the World

Cafes are close to our hearts not merely for the history and grandeur it embraces but because of it an aperture through which we view the world. You observe ordinary people making visits between work or a hangout for friends. On holiday, it is an ideal choice: a space to luxuriate, amass ideas, recollect dear ones.

Themed cafés are not an ultra-modern concept, but along with the perks of a restaurant adds on an adrenaline rush, as it offers an assortment of diverse themes to select from. The origin of which can be traced back to 19th century Paris, while the contemporary wave was initiated by the opening of Hard Rock Café, London, in 1971.

Laundromat Café

Doing laundry is often the most tedious task. Bravo! No more, and the credit goes to Denmark’s Laundromat Café situated in Copenhagen. This café was started in 2004, with franchises established in Iceland. You can now luxuriate while you sup your favourite latte, you can even catch up on your beauty sleep. An effortless yet a brilliant concept – offering an aesthetic escape from the errands of our quotidian life.

Laundromat Café

Vampire Café

If Dracula were to pay homage to this spooky café, he would feel euphoric! The restaurant run by Diamond dining has done justice to the theme. You would not be able to spot your food because of the dim lighting that adds to the eeriness with bloody red everywhere, including your food. Even the toilets have a Halloween makeover with bloodstains all over. Make sure to visit the café with a cross, holy water, or rosary if there exists that bloodthirsty vampire!

Cabbages and Condoms

To promote birth control and safe sex practices in Thailand, the café was formed. The founders established this cafe with the vision that birth control should be easily accessible. This café has a seating capacity of over 400 customers, and the walls are highlighted with dotted condoms. The bill here arrives, not with mint, but with condoms for free! The ultimatum being the slogan on the menu painted with “Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.”

Cabbages and Condoms

Modern Toilet

A bizarre restaurant in Taiwan can indulge in eating a beef noodle out of a lavatory shaped bowl. It might seem a little eccentric at first, and would not be desirable if you feel nauseous. The food is appetizing, the staff is amiable, and you get to say you have eaten soup out of a toilet bowl! What a lovely experience!

Safe House

A secret agent themed-restaurant that goes outlandish with their theme. There are secret doors, and walls that shift. You can only enter after you tell the password, or you got to pass a clearance test to prove that you are not a spy.

Best Cuisines in the World

Best Cuisines in the World

Ever wondered, what is one of the most compelling emotions of all times? That emotion that can break the ice, open up conversations, can mend bonds. Hunger. And thinking of satiating your appetite, the answer comes down to food. And if you’re a foodie like me, here are some of the must-try cuisines across the world.


The word food in Thai means to ‘eat rice.’ Rice forms the major component of almost all Thai foods. The preparations of Thai dishes are so intricate that a single Thai recipe may take a page long preparation manual. The intricacy is evident in the delicacy as well. Each Thai recipe makes sure that sour lime, fish sauce, sugar, salt and chilly are an integral part of the mix. With influences from Chinese, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Indonesia, Thai has brought in the best of all these.

Tom yam Kung

it’s a delight to the mouth. The herbal finish of lemongrass, the galangal, the wonder of Kaffir leaves, and the burns of chilly makes it a must-try.

tom yam Kung

Pad-Thai- a fried rice noodles mix steamed in tofu, tamarind, and eggs.
Give it a try drink of Thai- When you’re bored with the conventional beer drinks, check out Sang Som, the indigenous rum of Thai people, made from sugarcane.


The ancient city of Greece is famous for its philosophy and ideals and its exquisite banquet. From soups to sweets, from hot delicacies to crisp morsels, are all part of the cuisine. You might argue what makes Greek food so special, don’t fret, it’s the olive oil that Zeus has bestowed on them.


looking out for some traditional stuff? Check this out. This dish can be seen all over the country, from amazing hotels to local shops and canteens. Small pieces of marinated pork, grilled out.


An egg or potato-based dish that you want to try. If you’re an invitee to a house party in Greece, put it on your priority list.

Greek salad

you don’t wanna mess up your night at the pub by ordering the ‘Greek salad.’ You might see people staring at you because in Greece it’s just called a salad.


If you’re a spicy guy, who wants to have a savour at all the spices in the world, you’d better be in India. When the taste of the food is the matter, and the number of spices is not a matter, you have it in India. Even the sweets in India get their singleness from those spices. Ranging from coconut crunch of Kerala to wazwan of Kashmir, India has been unique in its cuisine.

Greek salad

South Indian Dosa

it is a pancake made from rice that can be stuffed with anything from vegetables to ghee to meat. Name the kind of Dosa you want; you have it here.


For the coffee-lovers and cola addicts, here’s a local drink that you need to check out, the great Indian chai. With the blend of Assam tea leaves, you get a variety in chai as well. From masala tea to Sulaimani, the chai industry offers a wide range.

Tandoori- the marinated and roasted chicken, is a delight to the eyes and a mouth-watering experience for your taste buds. It’s again a must-try in the Indian cuisine.

How has food Bistro’s contributed to the hotel industry?

How has food Bistro’s contributed to the hotel industry?

So many changes have happened in every industry, and our world has evolved. You can say Bistro is a small restaurant with its specifications. Based on a French theme, or French, it has a casual atmosphere and is cheaper. The food inside the Bistro is moderately priced, and meals are simple. You can find in a Bistro, French home-style cooking, and slow-cooked foods like a Bean stew.

How are they different than restaurants?

There is not much difference between a Bistro and a restaurant except for the fact that the former is cheaper and less formal. The food is inexpensive, and the atmosphere is relaxed. On the other hand, the prices of the food inside a restaurant can increase, and be high. There are different kinds of dishes that you can find in a restaurant, but a Bistro will mainly sell French cuisine. In other, words you can call it an inexpensive, and small restaurant.



Bistro comes from the French dialect, but there is no recorded history as to when the word was used for the first time. The initial use can be attributed to the time when Russian troops were in Paris during the Napoleonic Wars. Furthermore, there are different accounts, as many believe that to make more money French proprietors opened up small shops outside to sell food. Whatever is the case, you can never be sure of the history. There are accounts, and there are stories, but only food matters.


In both restaurants and Bistros, food varies a lot. There can be a variety of food in a restaurant, but a Bistro sells simple food, mostly French to the customers. The prices of the food in a restaurant can go high, but Bistros are moderately priced and have a different customer appeal. The atmosphere in a Bistro is relaxed in an informal setting, but restaurants are quite the opposite.


Not every day you will go to a restaurant, and apart from their food prices, it’s always good to change. Bistros are low-scale, and serve meals in a modest setting with alcohol. The prices are lesser, and the atmosphere is more relaxing. It usually sells French food, but the fact that you can relax, and enjoy your food in an informal setting is the best thing about it.



Bistros are the best option now, as they are small, and there is less potential for a lot of people gathering. Apart from that, the contribution has been worthy of mention. It has catered to the customers that were left out by the high-class restaurants and provided them with service, and the food. Though mainly, it’s French, the taste is finger-licking.


The bistro is one such alternative when you don’t want to hit a high-class restaurant. If you are into French food and would like to enjoy your food in an informal setting, Bistro is the best for you. The prices are less, and the food is tasty.


What is food Bistro?

What is food Bistro?

The restaurant is industry is one of the few industries where change is visible every day. This is because customer choices and preferences change. There is a lot that has happened, and due to the pandemic that has struck a blow at the industry, the shifts have been drastic. You can call Bistro a small restaurant but it serves mostly French food. It is cheaper and has a casual atmosphere. Bean stew is the kind of food that you will find here.

How are they different than restaurants?

They don’t have much difference except for that restaurant is big, and you can call Bistro the small version of it. The latter is inexpensive, cheaper, and the setting is less formal. Restaurants can be costly, and prices can increase every day. There is another striking difference between restaurant and Bistro is the food being served. Even though the former will serve all kinds of food, in a Bistro, you will mainly find French cuisine. This is since it originated in Paris.



You can never be certain about history, and when it comes to etymology, there are a lot of theories. The initial use of the word “bistro: was when Russian troops were in Paris. It comes from the French word. The Russian troops used to use this word to mean “hurry up”, but there is also another account. To make more money, many proprietors in France opened a small shop attached to their properties to sell food. As of now, Bistro is attributed to food and drinks. If you want to ease down, this is the place to go.


Food is also what varies from place to place. This is the main difference between restaurant and Bistro. The food in the restaurant is much expensive than the bistro, and also there are a lot of varieties of food. Bistros are moderately priced and are in an informal setting.


One of the benefits of going to a Bistro is to taste the delicious French food with drinks. You get tired the whole day in your office, but you can loosen up. Bistro has inexpensive food in an easy atmosphere. You can relax, and enjoy the food. There are no laws to follow here, and given the situation right now, it is the best choice that you have got.



You can’t ignore the role played by small bistros in the larger hotel industry. It has not just generated a new audience, but also kept the standards of the industry by maintaining the quality. Small restaurants also play an important role in the overall contribution to the industry.


If you like French food, and an easy atmosphere, Bistro has it for you. Restaurants are formals, and for a person who sees it every day, he needs a change, and those who are trying form the first time, they will never regret. If you put Bistro in a heritage list, then it can be justified to some extent.


The Best Bistros in Paris

The Best Bistros in Paris

Without bistros, Paris captures us in an uninspiring tour simply because bistros have been at the heart of French culture – inevitable. The conventional bistro with its cheerful cuisine is the quintessence of Paris dining, but this fetish had ebbed away. Presently, the contemporary wave of chefs has restored this former passion and thereby succoured in ushering a modern finesse to the classic bistro and encouraging the genesis of neo-bistro.

Le Bistrot Paul Bert

Restaurateur Bertrand Aboyneau deserves an accolade for the work of art he created 14 years ago, adhering to the old-fashioned film genre in Paris bistros that the world raves about. Even to this day, a tremendous knockout, with its appetizing traditional French music, retro atmosphere – shaped by old enamel advertisement and splintered tile floors, and an exceptional wine listing. The menu comprises of classics including steak au poivre and roast lamb, with just the right amount of seasonal vegetables. A cheese lover would be ecstatic after a cheese platter, coupled with a homemade souffle flavour—a celestial experience.

Le Bistrot Paul Bert

Josephine “Chez Dumonet”

For that succulent auburn experience of pre-war Paris, this charming bistro on the sophisticated street in saint Germain is extortionate but worth every penny. The reason being old-fashioned bistro cooking in Paris has altered into an expensive and remarkable affair. This 1880 vintage bistro satiates that traditional craving of yours from morel mushrooms, truffles, and country ham to boeuf bourguignon.

Le Baratin

Argentine-born Raquel Carena’s trendy bistro is the panacea for those who want to relish la vie Boheme in Belleville. Carena is a self-made woman who had relocated to Paris 25 years ago, and her cooking is an amalgamation of France, South America, North Africa, and Spain. The dishes range from tuna tartare with black cherries to ox cheeks braised with citrus fruits, carrots, onion, and red wine. At the same time, her husband runs the organic wine lists in the city—the perfect getaway for the great chefs of Paris.

Le Baratin

Les Bestronomes

This bistro, which is now 20 years old, is a perfect example of the success of the Neo-Bistro Movement in France in the early 1990s. A charming bistro with a glimmering ceiling and oatmeal-and-taupe lined wallpaper next to the Palais Royal. This bistro is owned by former sous-chef at the three-star Le Bristol, and this history can be perceived in the flawless technique that makes his cuisine unique. The variety of food ranges from a starter of foie gras, to duck breast-studded pate en croute, to chicken served with a delicate sauce and basmati rice.


Concealed in the Latin Quarter, chef Christophe Philippe’s elegant bistro with red-painted walls and wooden tables is a feast that one should indulge in for savouring that modern French bistro dishes. And it is the sole bistro that remains open on Saturday and Sunday when most bistros are closed.