Hosting a party at your place? Well, it is better if you start shopping for everything that you may need. If you plan to serve alcohol, then one of the most important things that you will need is alcohol mixers. There can be different types of mixers for different drinks. You have to shop for the best and keep the TOP 5 ALCOHOL MIXERS in stock. Depending on what type of mixer you are choosing, these mixers can be quite beneficial in adding effervescence, flavor and sweetness.

There are top 5 most versatile alcohol mixers that you can buy. Having these 5 best alcohol mixers can help you to make some great drinks and cocktails.


This is a carbonated water which can be mixed with several alcohols to create a great drink. This carbonated water is mixed with sweeteners and quinine to create a great flavor. Tonic water is most popularly used in cocktails like gin and tonic. High quality tonic water contains natural sweeteners and it will not contain high fructose or corn syrup in it.


Soda is just a plain and simple carbonated water that contains minerals in it. Soda can help in diluting the cocktail while adding some essence. It also helps in drawing out the stronger-flavored ingredients perfectly. You can also get some flavored soda in the market these days to make your drink even better and tastier.


Remember the popular cocktail drink named cosmopolitan? The beautiful red color and the cranberry flavor can make it quite unique. Yes, cranberry juice is one of the best mixers that you can invest in. This can go best with alcoholic drinks like vodka and any other orange liqueur.


Nothing can go wrong with the classic Cola! Yes, this is a soft drink and it can go quite well with rum as well as with whiskey. This is one of the most ordinary and classic examples of alcohol mixers but yet this is one of the top ones available.


This alcohol mixer doesn’t really add much flavor to the drink but it is great for diluting the vodka without the need of adding anything. The seltzer water can add some sparkle to the heavy drink, such as vodka, to make it a low-key and light sipper.


So, these are the top 5 most popular alcohol mixers that you can buy for your home bar. If you have a party at your home, then you will definitely need all these 5 mixers. People can drink different drinks according to their choice. Having these 5 alcohol mixers can help you to make the best alcohol drink for you. Hence, you can research well online and find out some of the best sodas along with other alcohol mixers mentioned above. You can mix and match to try out different cocktails or you can stick to the age-old classic cocktail ideas like cosmopolitan, gin and tonic etc. for the party. Get more info here for party ideas.